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Get to Know Me

Sonia Neale, MS, LMFT

My approach to therapy is based on the belief that behaviors are a function of our relations with others. Thus, a person's environment and history influences one's sense of self and the way we express ourselves as part of a group and as individuals. I try to learn from my client's experiences to develop a better understanding of who they are, how they developed their sense of self, their worldview, and behavior.

A well-functioning family is not defined by the absence of stress or conflict, but by how effectively it handles them in response to their developing needs and the changing conditions. My job is to work with my clients to help them locate their own underutilized strengths to help them grow their own resources.

My focus is on what is taking place among people, rather than on individual psyches. I believe that the family is the primary context, the "matrix of identity" where we develop ourselves as we interact with spouses, parents, children, and other family members who are in constant transformation, adapting to an ever-changing social environment.

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What my clients say...

I've been counseling with Sonia for only a few months and she has been helping me greatly in working through some areas of my life that I've wanted to have breakthrough.   She also provided some great perspective/comfort while I was caring for my mother in her final days and in the grieving process following.
Thank you Sonia!!
Sonia has been an absolute blessing to work with. She challenges me to uncover the areas of opportunity and helps me make the strides needed to move forward. I'm very grateful for her guidance and support and would highly recommend her to others!
Sonia has been very helpful in helping navigate through life’s changing events such as motherhood, marriage, work and personal losses. She is certainly very caring and objective and finds ways to make life’s transition easier.  She certainly cares deeply for the well being of her patients.  I highly recommend her to anyone going through grief or just finding mental balance.
Sonia Neale is an excellent therapist. She embodies the perfect combination of nurturing while challenging your beliefs to ensure you are taking care of yourself in every way. She makes me feel empowered and confident in my decisions. My anxiety and stress have diminished since I have been in sessions with her. I am grateful and know my life has improved with her guidance. My family is complete now. Thank you! Jennifer
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